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The Joy of Sake Tokyo

The Joy of Sake Tokyo

Thursday, November 1, 2017, 6pm–9pm

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017




TOC Building, Gotanda


¥8500 / $80 per person
(¥9500 at the door)



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In recent years, the quality of sake enjoyed in Japan and overseas has reached new levels, as brewers combine tradition and technology in new and exciting ways. The Joy of Sake celebrates the wonderful variety of delicious sake being made today.

First held in Honolulu in 2001, The Joy of Sake is the largest sake-tasting event held outside Japan. It showcases 380+ entries submitted to the 2017 U.S. National Sake Appraisal, presenting them alongside sake appetizers prepared by specialty restaurants.

Joy of Sake Tokyo

The event is held in the penthouse “Tokubetsu Hall” of the TOC Building, a 10-minute walk from Gotanda Station. This attractive venue features plush carpeting, ambient lighting and a view of the Tokyo skyline.

Tickets will be available on-line and through the Ticket Pay, CN Play Guide, E-Plus, Ticket Pia (P-code: 636-532) and Seven Ticket ticket purchase sites.


Sake complements a wide variety of appetizers and entrees. The restaurants below distinguish themselves not only by their outstanding cuisine, but also by their appreciation of the luster that fine sakes can add to a meal. Restaurants that participated in Joy of Sake 2016 are listed below with the appetizers they served.

Al Porto

Featured Dish: Lightly Pickled Aji (Horse Mackerel), Shiitake Gratin, Smoked Salmon Rillette

Jukei Hanten

Featured Dish: Chinese-style Sandwich with green chili sauce: layered shrimp and Aichi ginkgo, scallop with accents of dried persimmon, squid ink paste

Nihonbashi Osaka

Featured Dish: Beef Tongue Miso Stew, Roasted Wagyu and Vegetable Roll


Featured Dish: Salmon and Spinach Risotto with soy milk cheese

Koshi no Kanbai Manjia

Featured Dish: Sauteed Scallop and Snow Crab with kakinomoto and Koshi no Kanbai sake lees sauce

Modern Catalan Spanish “BIKiNi”

Featured Dish: Olive and Guindilla Pickle “Hilda”, Ham and Quail Egg Pincho

Restaurant Kazu

Featured Dish: Fruit Cake and sake lees chantilly

Beast Kitchen

Featured Dish: Hokkaido Pork Spare Rib, Tsukune and Mushrooms with Hokkaido gouda cheese sauce

Akaboshi & Kumagai

Featured Dish: Broiled Pickled Saba (Mackerel) with blue cheese sauce, Scallop and Persimmon Tartar, Konbu-sandwiched Kinmedai (Red Snapper) Sashimi with radish sauce


Featured Dish: Soba galette with minced duck and Saikyo miso


Featured Dish: Sake Dessert Assortment: Spicy Jellied White Azuki Paste, Kanten Zenzai with sweet summer peel and jasmine tea syrup, Dorayaki Rusk


Featured Dish: Sudachi-flavored Pickled Buri (Yellowtail) Sashimi and sliced Kawasaki radish with special sauce of Kawasaki-grown vegetables and fukurai soy


Featured Dish: Matsutake Mushroom Musubi Ochazuke


Featured Dish: Broiled Terrine of Sanma (Pacific Saury) and rice

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